Derek and Clint's Top 5 Bucket-List-Worthy Bars

Derek Hembree and Dr. Clint Lanier
With book titles like "Bucket List Bars: Historic Saloons, Pubs, and Dives of America" and "Drunken History," it's no doubt that drinking buddies Derek Hembree and Clint Lanier know a thing or two about how we as a nation can get our drink on in any environment. After they came out with their Bucket List Bars book, we asked them if they could give us a rundown of what they believed were the 5 most bucket-list-worthy the nation has to offer.

"In our quest across this great nation to find and share some of the most historic and culturally significant bars, we have had the opportunity to “belly up” to some of the best and worst drinking establishments out there. Perhaps the best part of our journey was to see the variety of watering holes Americans go to every day. We explored taverns, saloons, dives, speakeasies and even Tiki bars. Of the five kinds we visited, here’s a list of the best and oldest of each."
Derek and Clint's Top 5 Bucket-List-Worthy Bars

4Green Mill, Chicago, Illinois (Speakeasy)

Image Credit Senor Codo
"Originally opened in 1907 the Green Mill was built as an American version of France’s Moulin Rouge. It was known for its excess at the time of its opening, with scantily clad dancing girls, live performances and free flowing alcohol. With the passing of the Volstead act in 1919 the club was no longer able to maintain its grandeur and was forced to downsize and become a speakeasy.

It quickly became better known for one of its regulars, Al Capone, and one of its owners, “Machine Gun” Jack McGurn, who was Capone’s favorite and most feared enforcer. It is said that when Al Capone walked in the band would immediately start playing Capone’s favorite song, Rhapsody in Blue. Little has changed in the bar today with the same exact layout still present and decor dating back to the bars founding. You can even sit in Al Capone’s booth, his favorite due to the advantageous view of the two entrances and quick access to either. It features some of the best Jazz acts in the country almost nightly and a classic cocktail menu served by some of Chicago’s finest bartenders."

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